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Call-to-Action CTA campaigns

When you upload a PDF file to Titlegram, a dedicated webpage will be created to display the PDF file and you can easily insert a CTA (Call-to-Action) section into this webpage. This CTA section is meant to help you guide your readers to more related materials or the next step of action.

You can create a default CTA or embed third party component like a Youtube video, without any web design knowledge required.

Default CTA

The default CTA lets you add a CTA headline, CTA content paragraph and a CTA button to lead readers to the next step.

Authors who hosts their preview chapters with Titlegram often use this CTA to direct readers to their Amazon book listing page.

The default CTA is also used by other creators or small businesses to register interest (via third party registration form), when the readers access their lead magnet (like an ebook) hosted on Titlegram.

CTA with embed code

If you want to embed a third party media or web component with the PDF, you can create a embed code type CTA and copt paste the third party embed code directly into Titlegram.

We will render the third party content or widget together with your PDF file loaded on the PDF short link.

For more use case and details of CTA with embed code, you may refer to this page.