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Product Update [Minor] – Cleaner page design

    PDF catalog on page

    We just rolled out a quick and minor update to the page design.

    The original design was created with the purpose of having the page as a heavily information and functional PDF page. This could mean:

    • Displaying of data like file name, author name etc – configurable by PDF creators
    • Flexibility of adding social links, on-page contact form and many other web component all around the core PDF content.

    After talking to a number of customers and self reflecting on how Titlegram as a company thinks about PDF consumption, we decided to stay true to creating a minimal and clean PDF experience that helps reader to focus on the PDF content – without any distraction.

    This small minor design update signifies our intention to go into that direction.

    More design updates will be coming.

    If you have any feedback or question, please feel free to email us at