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The business of Pre-made book covers design for Amazon KDP authors

    Pre-made book cover design for amazon authors v2

    When we read about book marketing on Amazon, inevitably book reviews, Amazon ads, listing title optimization etc are mentioned. However, one important aspect of book marketing is always downplayed or forgotten: designing a great book cover.

    A quick google search will bring you to multiple book cover designers, from professionals to $5-per-design gig on Fiverr.

    What interests me is this designer I found, who doesn’t just do custom book cover design; he is also selling pre-made book cover designs (over 1,800 of them!) that book authors can order and get it as it is.

    In this article, we will look at what pre-made book cover designs are, and how self publishing Amazon KDP authors can benefit from these pre-made book cover design.

    Pre-made book cover vs Custom book cover

    When most authors think about designing their book cover, they immediately relate it to hiring a designer, telling him/her the requirements so they can come up with a cover design that is uniquely tailored for their book.

    This is what we called a custom book cover design service; in that the design is created AFTER listening to the design requirements, and customized based on the requirements. The custom book cover design process might take anywhere from a couple of days to sometimes months, as authors could provide feedback and the designers would then need more time to revise the design accordingly.

    On the other hand, there are pre-made book cover designs.

    These are ready made designs that authors can select, buy and use it for your book as is. There is no design requirement discussion, as the finalized design is put up for you to see and decide for yourself.

    This makes the process of sourcing a book cover design much more straight forward and cost effective. There will be minimal to zero feedback as you buy the cover design knowing this is exactly what you would get.

    Pre-made book cover designs could still be unique to your book: Once you have bought it, it could be taken down and made unavailable to other authors.

    Are pre-made book cover designs for you?

    Both custom and pre-made book cover designs have their own pros and cons, and they cater to very different needs.

    Custom book cover design might be a more suitable path if:

    • You have a unique design direction in mind, and you are sure pre-made designs can’t fulfil your needs.
    • You are writing a series of books and want the cover design to reflect a consistent theme for all the books.
    • You need specific design components (like an illustration style, or a 3D model design) that is tailored to your book content.

    Meanwhile, pre-made book cover design would make a better option if:

    • You need the cover design fast with certainty of what you would get.
    • You are just starting your self-publishing journey, and have little idea what kind of cover design works for your book.
    • You are too busy, or not motivated to go through a relatively-lengthy custom design process – typically involves a lot of communication with the designer.

    These are rough guidelines to help you get started. Eventually, you have to decide what is the best for your books.

    Who is Rocking Book Covers?

    Rocking Book Covers (or RBC) is one of the places where you can purchase pre-made book cover designs. It is run by Adrijus, a book cover designer with over 9 years of experience – with a noble goal of helping 1,000,000 indie authors to have better book covers.

    RBC currently only offer pre-made book cover designs for fiction books in the following genres:

    • Thriller | Crime | Mystery | Suspense
    • Romance
    • Horror | Dystopian | Paranormal
    • Young Adult| Fantasy | Sci-Fi

    There are more than 1,800 premade book cover designs you can choose from.

    On top of pre-made book cover design, the RBC team also provide custom cover design and other complimentary services for authors.

    How to buy pre-made book covers from Rocking Book Covers?

    Buying the pre-made book covers from RBC is a fairly straight forward yet flexible process.

    Once you have an eye on a cover design you want, you can either made a payment and order it immediately; or you can email RBC with details of your book, and they will send you a preview of the updated cover for confirmation.

    Once confirmed, you can receive a Paypal invoice for payment.

    The flexible part of this is that you can freely make general color schemes or fonts adjustment without additional cost. To cover other possible formats of your book (like Audiobook, Kindle Vella Cover etc.), you can just purchase add-ons at a small fee.

    The book cover design is unique and will be made unavailable for other authors once you have ordered it.


    Pre-made book cover design could be a fast and cost effective solution especially for indie authors who just want to focus on writing. It is an option with relative flexibility while still provide you a certainty over the final design for your book cover.

    If you plan to design your own book cover, check out this article about Amazon KDP author Greg Lim’s favourite cover design software and other tools he use to run his ebook business.