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How to hack eBook revenue with a multi-tier pricing and offering

    hack book revenue with tier pricing

    For many self-publishing non-fiction authors, designing a multi tier pricing around an ebook is usually not something they have on their mind.

    This is simply because authors are not aware of how they can create multi-tier ebook offering based on 1 single ebook, and the benefits of doing this. In fact, with the right ebook tiering design, self-published authors can easily reap many benefits based on 1 ebook title.

    These benefits include:

    • Opportunity to support customers with additional material
    • Increase ebook revenue by upselling to customers
    • Continuous engagement with existing customers

    In this article, we will look at Nathan Barry(Convertkit’s CEO)’s author journey and explore how his ebook offer design can aid non-fiction authors to create your own offering for better ebook ROI.

    How Nathan Barry design his multi-tiers ebook offering

    Nathan Barry is the founder of email marketing software Convertkit, and he has published several books successfully (with 6 figures sales each) prior to founding ConvertKit.

    In the table below, we list out all his books with each of their tier offering:

    Book TitleTier 3Tier 2Tier 1
    The App Design Handbook$249
    – The ebook
    – 9 video tutorials
    – 9 video interviews
    – 5 resources (eg. Photoshop file templates)
    – The Book
    – 5 video tutorials
    – 5 video interviews
    – 2 resources

    – The Book

    Designing Web Applications$249
    – The ebook
    – 7 video tutorials
    – 7 video interviews
    – 4 resources (eg. Photoshop file templates)
    – The Book
    – 4 video tutorials
    – 4 video interviews
    – 2 resources

    – The Book

    The Strategy Edition

    – Everything in the complete edition
    – Plus one-on-one call (1 hour) with Nathan to review your launch plan and audience strategy.

    The Complete Edition

    – The book in PDF, ePub, and Mobi formats
    – The audio book
    – 14 case studies
    – Photoshop book cover templates
    – 90 day launch plan
    – 9 video tutorials
    – 11 expert interviews
    Just the Book

    – The book in PDF, ePub, and Mobi formats
    – The audio book

    Based on the table above, we can quickly spot a pattern in Nathan’s book tier offering design:

    • There are always 3 tiers of offering: The 3-tier design gives customer just enough choices to consider without overwhelming them.
    • The price and value gap between the lowest and medium tier makes it almost a no-brainer to pick the medium tier as long as you can afford it.
    • Meanwhile the highest tier can cater to customers who have utmost trust in Nathan’s work and are ready to get the most out of it.
    • There is a 30-days money back refund policy to inspire confidence among customers, knowing that they always have the option to get a full refund if they are not satisfied with the ebook package.

    Seeing how a similar pricing structure is applied consistently for all 3 of Nathan’s books, we can conclude that it is a well tested structure and can be applied to our own tier design in proportion to our own niche.

    What to bundle in your ebook offering

    Now let’s go into more details on what we can bundle in our ebook offering for our tier design. There are 3 main types of offerings based on the level of difficulty:

    Level 1 – Easy: Extra companion materials

    Nathan Barry's ebook package and pricing

    Companion materials are any additional documents, research materials, media files that are supportive of your customers’ ebook reading experience. Here are some ideas you can refer to:

    • Video tutorial
    • Interviews (video or written)
    • Templates
    • Roadmap
    • Checklist
    • Glossary of terms
    • Case studies
    • Other ebook format like audio book, ePub, PDF

    Level 2 – Medium: One-on-one call with you

    If you are ready to offer even more value to your customers, one-on-one call is a good way to do so. For customers ready to commit, this gives you immense help in their learning journey while you can build a genuine connection with them.

    Even if the customers are not ready to book the call with you now, knowing that they can do so further down the road would definitely give them a lot of confidence boost.

    Pricing for your one-on-one call should justifiably be on the high side as you have limited time. The higher price tag also works as a filter to focus only on people who are serious and ready to commit.

    Level 3 – Difficult: Premium paid community

    Having a premium paid community is the hardest and most difficult thing authors can include in your ebook offers.

    This is because running a community is hard and extremely time-consuming. There is always questions to answer to, while keeping the community engaged and active. A community that is not well run will not be able to offer much value to your customers, thus not justifiable for a higher pricing.

    Some of the most well run communities can be found on Facebook Group, Discord, Patreon etc.


    Even if you only have 1 ebook to offer, you should look into creating a multi-tier offering based on it. This is a win-win situation where you get to improve your ebook revenue, and your customers have the option to get more out of your ebook with better supportive materials.