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Embed Anything with Your PDF

Titlegram lets you embed any third party media and widget with your PDF file easily, creating a seamless experience without jumping to new site or switching tabs.

Here are some ideas on what you can embed to add further engagement to your PDFs.

Embed a Youtube video player with PDF

Easily embed a Youtube video player in the same page as your PDF, so your readers can easily watch and cross reference both PDF and the Youtube video without moving to another tab.

Embed an online form with PDF

Whether you want to collect feedback or gathering leads over your PDF materials, Titlegram lets you do it easily by embedding a third party online form (Google Form, Typeform, Mailchimp form etc) within the same page as your PDF uploaded.

Embed a podcast player with PDF

Want to let your followers listen to your podcast while having a show note they can refer to? Just embed your podcast player (from Spotify, Transistor etc) into the PDF page we generated for you.

Embed a Google Map with PDF

Direct your readers to a location alongside your PDF by embedding a Google Map into the same page as your PDF materials.