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How 3 Etsy sellers make $10k+/month selling PDF downloads

    How to make 10k per month on Etsy with Digital Products Download PDF

    Coming from a design background, there have been more than one occasion where I tried to build a digital product business on Etsy, and dreamed how I could make a full time living off it.

    All 3 of my Etsy ventures didn’t end up where I want them to go; I attribute them mostly to the lack of motivation and inspiration. After all, the Etsy journey is lonely especially in the early days, giving up always seems like an easier option.

    Today, I have way more appreciation on the importance of having role models you can look up to, and peers you can talk to.

    This is why I am so excited to share with you the stories of these 3 Etsy sellers in this article. They have achieved the dream of making a full time (and perhaps comfortable) living by creating profitable Etsy businesses selling digital products, while making their customers’ lives better.

    More importantly, they choose to share their journey to help and inspire more people to come along their path.

    Selling PDF downloads on Etsy

    Digital products in PDF formats is a broad category that consists anything from digital journal to sewing patterns. The appeal of being a digital product seller on Etsy is that you can create the product once, and sell it unlimited times to unlimited customers – without the restriction of real world logistic and delivery.

    If you are new to this, we wrote an article here for anyone looking to start their Etsy digital product journey.

    Customers who buy these digital products can download, customise and print them out based on their own needs. For products with more advanced usage, they can also refer to online product guide created by Etsy sellers with documentation tools like Gitbook.

    Below are the stories of 3 Etsy sellers who carve out their own niche in the digital product space.

    How Amma Rose Designs made $93k/y selling business planners, templates & workbook

    Kayla is the creator behind the Etsy store Amma Rose Designs, where she sells 100+ products like planners, templates and service for online businesses.

    A brief overview on Amma Rose Designs’s growth:

    • August/September of 2018: Started Etsy shop, made $45 in the first month.
    • December 2018 (less than 4 months since launch): Made her first $1,000.
    • January – December 2020: Made a total revenue of $93,534 that year.

    Kayla’s number one lesson from her Etsy experience is that the work you put in determines the results you get out of it.

    This is a great reminder to many including myself, that if you start off your business with the intent of putting mediocre effort into it, then you’re going to get mediocre results. All of the heavy duty work running your business is going to fall right between the time you launch to well after you make your first 1,000 sales.

    Mim Jenkinson and her $600k/y business selling sticker on Etsy and teaching others to do the same

    Starting her online journey as a blogger in 2013, Mim Jenkinson later launched her Etsy store in 2016 as a way to share her love for paper planning and stickers.

    Today, Mim is a Star Seller on Etsy with over 5,000 sales. Her Etsy store features 300+ digital products, consist of various lifestyle planners and stickers. Mim is also the mastermind behind The Sticker Shop Plan – her signature course that has helped over 5,000 students build and run their own sticker shops on Etsy.

    Collectively, this business now makes multiple six figures each year.

    Unlike many other business owners that focuses on untargeted content creation, Mim prefers to focus on lead generation and paying extra attention to help her paying customers.

    How finance planner creator Sasha Hutchison becomes top 1% Etsy seller and make $11k/m

    Sasha Hutchison started her Etsy shop Your Frugal Friend in August 2019, with the intention to run it as a side hustle to help pay down her student loan. Your Frugal Friend today has close to 300 products on Etsy, mainly consist of finance tools for both individuals and businesses.

    In the early days, she spend around 5-10 hours a week developing her products after her full time job as an accounting manager. The Etsy soon grows and become stable after years of hard work. This is why she can go completely hands off in 2021 and still earn $23k passively that year.

    Eventually in 2022, she decided to refocus her effort to grow her shop while expanding her business to include courses, 1-on-1 coaching and freelance service. This allows her to break through $100k in the same year in October.

    A brief look at her Etsy business growth

    • 2019: $1,033.71
    • 2020: $18,894.74
    • 2021: 23,833.58
    • 2022 Oct: $23,779.49 (Courses, freelance and coaching revenue not included)


    Building a profitable digital product Etsy store is not easy but it is definitely achievable. Whether you are looking for a pocket money or make a full time living, selling digital product is a vast market with a lot of niches yet to be explored.

    The information in this articles are based on public sharing by the Etsy sellers themselves, either on their own website or via interviews with online publications.