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How to turn your interview podcast into eBook with a successful launch

    If you are a podcast host with a focus on the interview format, repurposing your podcast into the book format might not seem like the obvious thing to do at first. However, what you didn’t realize is that your podcast content – when converted to a written and reading friendly format – could benefit a whole other group of non-audio based audience.

    After all, everyone of us has very different preference when it comes to content consumption and learning new things. Converting your podcast into a book would further distribute the content and knowledge to an even wider audience.

    Here, we look at a step-by-step guide to convert your interview podcast episodes into ebook, and how to launch it successfully.

    Benefits of podcast-converted eBook

    If you are still not sure whether the eBook format is appealing for the audience in your niche, here are some of the benefits of having an podcast-converted ebook in your portfolio:

    Visual medium for knowledge sharing

    Not everyone learns best from audio, and some knowledge simply gives a stronger punch when presented visually – for example a map, a chart or even someone’s facial expression.

    By sharing your podcast content in the ebook format, it gives audience something visual to refer to and makes it easy to map out a visual structure in our mind. This is why memory enhancement method like the Memory Palace works so well for some people.

    Appeal to non Native speakers

    With the absence of professional content in many non-English language; it is no wonder why there are a large group of content consumers who don’t speak English as their first language.

    For many non Native speakers, it could be a real struggle to listen to podcast as their mind is constantly working to decode the accent, industrial jargon and the many cultural references that they might miss on initial hearing.

    On the other hand, eBook is a much more approachable medium as it gives them the breathing space to digest the content following their own pace.

    Reconnect with your podcast guests

    You have met and talked to some great people over your podcasts, but it always seem difficult to keep in touch with everyone.

    Having an ebook lets you revisit the conversation, and reconnect with your podcast guests. More importantly, you are also offering something valuable for them to share with their own circles.

    Complementary material to your podcast

    Even for your most loyal podcast listener, having an eBook could still bring tremendous value.

    Most podcast listeners listen to podcast while they are doing something else (like driving, working out or doing house chores). This makes it hard for them if they want to find something mentioned in the podcast, as they can only do so by skimming through the podcast by the minutes.

    Additional channel to build your mailing list

    Getting a podcast listener to log on to your website and subscribe to your mailing list is an impossible battle.

    With an ebook, you can easily build an additional channel to add more subscribers to your mailing list by simply repurposing your existing content. From an audience perspective, you are offering something of great value and many would be happy to subscribe if you can convince them they will continuously get more value from you.

    How to convert interview podcast into eBook with a successful launch:

    If you are ready to launch your first podcast-converted ebook, here is a simple roadmap to guide you along.

    1. Organize the episodes & pick a theme to form your book title

    Your ebook content needs to align in a thematic way.

    If you have been doing podcast interview for awhile, chances are you have a huge list of guests and they are a very diverse group of people. You need to start organizing them into groups of 7-15 if possible.

    Once you have had a high level grouping around your podcast guests, you can pick a group with a theme that you are comfortable to start with.

    We suggest to have a group of at least 11 guests.

    Once this is ready, you can start deciding your book title and subtitle that are aligned with the selected theme above. Here are some generic examples that you can further spice up:

    • Money advice from 10 millionaires below 40
    • 10 Olympic athletes’ answers about building a life of health and fitness
    • 8 real product management stories from the top product folks in Asia

    2. Define ebook content structure (Examples included)

    Before you start massaging your content, you need to first define your ebook content structure.

    You should do this based on your podcast interview format, and what you know would be helpful for audiences in your niche. Here are some examples:

    Each book chapter for a guest

    • You can cater each chapter to a guest.
    • From here, you can develop if the chapter format should be in a paragraphed article, Q&A or any other formats.
    • To makes thing easier, you can also build an outline structure (like intro, background, main points… , conclusion)

    Each book chapter for a theme

    • Alternatively, every chapter can be developed as a standalone theme, like “Advice for someone who is just getting started”.
    • You can then compile every guests’ content that aligns with this theme for this chapter.

    Besides that, you should also define how lengthly each chapter would be, in terms of pages and / or number of words.

    3. Convert podcast transcript into book chapter

    For step 3, it will be much easier if you have transcript for your podcast. If you haven’t already created a transcript, you can create it with a transcript generation tool.

    Once you have your transcript ready, it is time to convert them into a more digestable ebook format.

    You should work on this strictly based on the structure you have established in step 2 above. Keep to the number of pages, paragraphs and words that you have pre-defined. You can also use AI tools to create an initial draft that you or your editors can refine upon it. Alternatively, you can also refer to articles or books that bear similar tonality and voice you want to emulate.

    All these would help you get to speed as you know exactly which content to insert, where to insert them, and which content bit to skip.

    Do not attempt to include everything – keep only the best of the best bit of your podcast into your ebook!

    BONUS: A very simple way to instantly increase the value of your ebook is to add a glossary file and a Kindle friendly version as part of the package.

    4. Create a guest profile for guest

    To help readers appreciate the content even more, it is immensely important to craft a profile for each guest. This helps the readers understand the background of the guests, and how these experience help shape the perspective of the guests.

    If the guests have chosen to include their contact details in the podcast interview, you may also include these in their profile for the ebook.

    Note: We will still respectfully seek feedback from the guests themselves before launching – more below.

    5. Create book cover design

    When the content is more or less ready, it is time to create your book cover design.

    Whether you want to design it yourself with Canva, or employ help from others; here are some considerations to make the cover design one of the best leverages you have for the ebook:

    • Include the name and/or the photos of your guests
    • Insert brand elements like logo or color scheme that is consistent with your podcast branding

    6. Share content draft with guest & set a launch date

    Now that you have everything ready, we can proceed to the most important step: Reach out to all your podcast interview guests and inform them about the ebook.

    Here are a few main points you should include:

    • Tell them honestly why you do it.
    • Tell them about the thought process behind the ebook, which other guests are included and how they are selected. Keep this within 2 sentences.
    • Offer to have a call if they want to talk about it.
    • Share with them the chapter and the profile you did specifically for them to gather feedback.
    • Offer to share the ebook with them when it is ready. They are free to share with their friends, families and followers.
    • Share your launch date and set a deadline when the ebook will be finalized – regardless of feedback and reply.

    Whatever their reply is, be sure to take it with respect and follow through. You are free to accept or reject anything within reasonable means. If they requested not to be included within the book, this request has to be politely obliged.

    Once you have got the updates from all guests, or when your pre-set deadline has arrived; you should send out a thank you note to everyone. From here, your only focus is to edit and put the book together for the launch.

    7. Prelaunch: Share the launch date with your followers & subscribers

    3 to 5 days before your launch, you should share the news about the ebook to your social media followers, email subscribers and professional friends.

    If you are launching ebook as a paid product on a self publishing platform (like Amazon KDP, or Gumroad), offer a small discount or even for free in exchange for reviews.

    If you are launching it as a free downloads, you can still collect reviews and testimonial to be included in your ebook landing page.

    8. Launch your ebook

    The big day is here. It is time to publish the ebook, send out your emails to your followers and share the ebook URL on your social media.

    As you observe the response and collect feedback through the next few weeks / months, you can easily repeat this process again with another group of podcast guests.


    Turning your interview podcast episodes could be an extremely beneficial exercise, even if for non-financial reasons.

    It lets you expand out of your usual comfort process and build an extra asset for your portfolio – without completely diverting your attention away. In most cases, such exercise will help bring new perspective and refresh your existing hustle (aka your podcast).