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Ko-fi | Factsheet for creators 2024 fact sheet for creators

    For creators who relied on donation as one of your revenue stream, you may have come across Ko-fi, and wonder how it differs from other platforms like Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee etc.

    In this article, we compile and look at if Ko-fi is a legit platform and what it has to offer creators as compared to other alternatives.

    Table of Content

    Ko-fi company factsheet

    CompanyKo-fi Labs Limited
    HeadquarterCambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
    Year FoundedJuly 2012
    FounderNigel Pickles
    Simon Ellington

    Which countries visit Ko-fi the most?

    Ko-fi has an estimated 33,965,911 monthly visitors to its website. Below is a detailed breakdown by site traffic.

    United States45%
    United Kingdom3%
    Source: Crunchbase

    Ko-fi creators must-know

    Ko-fi products for creators

    Since its launch in 2012 as a creator donation platform, Ko-fi has advanced its product offering to support different creators and their different way of generating revenue like subscription/membership, online shop and even streaming.

    Below is the full list of offering by Ko-fi to date:

    Ko-fiA free and friendly way to receive one-time donations from fans.
    Ko-fi ShopSell anything in 60 seconds just with a link. (5% platform fee for non Ko-fi Gold creator)
    Ko-fi MembershipsEarn a regular, monthly income directly from your fans. (5% platform fee for non Ko-fi Gold creator)
    Ko-fi CommissionsEarn money from selling custom work or services to your fans. Create listings, manage available slots, set your own terms and get paid directly (5% platform fee for non Ko-fi Gold creator)
    Ko-fi Stream AlertsReceive real time payment alerts on stream (works with Twitch, Youtube, Facebook and anywhere that works with OBS software). You can add overlays and link your chatbot to Ko-fi.
    Ko-fi GoldFull feature Ko-fi (all of above) with 0% platform fee at a fixed monthly subscription fee.

    Platforms supported by Ko-fi

    Ko-fi has a number of integration and plays with other creator platforms to cater to the respective creators’ followers. Below are some of the notable platforms that Ko-fi integrates with.

    YoutubeSetup Ko-fi Stream Alerts on your Youtube streaming.
    FacebookSetup Ko-fi Stream Alerts on your Facebook streaming.
    TwitchSetup Ko-fi Stream Alerts on your Twitch streaming.
    Discord– Connect your Discord server
    – Assign roles for your supporters & members
    – Add Discord roles to existing Ko-fi membership tiers
    – Reward Ko-fi members with Discord roles & invites
    MediumAdd a custom Ko-fi button
    GithubAdd a Ko-fi button to your Github readMe file


    With a comprehensive suite of tools catering to creators, Ko-fi is in a well established position to help artists, podcasters and other creators operate their online business in a streamlined manner.

    Regardless of what kind of creators are you, Ko-fi has something that cater to your needs without breaking your bank.