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Superior PDF experience that pays for itself.

All pricing plans include branded URL [?], PDF download control [?], CTA campaigns [?] and PDF analytics [?].


For teams ready to invest for a professional PDF experience.


/ month

Upload up to 50 PDF catalogs

100 MB / PDF file

PDF analytics (update every 5 minutes)[?]

Catalog download control

CTA campaigns

Embed third party content


For organizations with PDF-driven content strategy.


/ month

Upload to 250 PDF catalogs

100 MB / PDF file

PDF analytics (update every 5 minutes)[?]

Catalog download control

CTA campaigns

Embed third party content


For businesses built on top of high quality PDF materials.


/ month

Access 200 GB of total storage space with no limit on PDF webpages and file size.

PDF analytics (update every 1 minute)[?]

Catalog download control

CTA campaigns

Embed third party content

Frequently asked questions

Do I own my PDF content on Titlegram?

Yes, you retain full ownership over all your PDF content on Titlegram.

Uploading your PDF files to Titlegram does not entitle us or anyone from our team the ownership of your PDF content.

As a business, Titlegram relies solely on customer subscription as our lifeline; we bear no commercial interest in illegally distributing or sharing PDF content that are rightfully yours.

You can read more in our terms of use here.

I have a lot of PDF files, and I have no time to re-upload everything to Titlegram.

We can understand the painstaking effort required to migrate all the works you have done.

This is why we provide a one-time FREE PDF files migration and set up service for customers on Starter ($19/m), Growth ($59/m) and Business ($399) plan.

Drop us an email at or visit this page to find out more.

What happens if I reach my plan’s allocated limitation?

You will not be able to continue adding new PDF files, however your PDF files will remain online for 2 weeks. Our ops team will contact you to upgrade to an eligible plan within the 2 weeks period.

If we didn’t hear from you or no action is taken in 2 weeks, we would have no choice but to deactivate your account, and all your PDF files will no longer be accessible.

Can I cancel my Titlegram subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

I still have more questions regarding Titlegram.

You can reach us at, we are happy to chat and answer any enquiries you may have.

Wait, what do you mean by… branded URL

Or, PDF webpages with domain

You can assign an unique URL for every PDF file you upload to Titlegram, which can later be used for sharing.

Below is the URL format:



in which, johndoe is your brand name set up during your signup process; while english-worksheet can be configured at a per-PDF basis in the PDF upload process.

CTA campaign

Every PDF file you uploaded to Titlegram would be converted into a webpage.

This is designed so that you can flexibly insert CTA (call to action) content accompanying your PDF.

Alternatively, you can also embed third party web component as your campaign.

Common use cases would be embedding an online form, Youtube video player, podcast player etc.

PDF download control

With Titlegram, it is easy to share your PDF file as an URL, while restricting anyone from downloading the actual PDF file.

This download restriction can be enabled or disabled on individual file basis.

PDF analytics

PDF analytics allows you to monitor performance of the PDF files you uploaded

This means you can easily see the number of views and downloads each PDF file gets – in a privacy complied manner.

More data points will be added progressively.

White label webpages vs With Titlegram branding

Customers on the free Titlegram plan would see the Titlegram branding at the PDF webpage footer.

Customers with paid plan will have more professional white label webpages, without the Titlegram branding.

Get higher ROI from your PDF now

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