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Professional Hosting for PDF Sales Funnel

Titlegram is where creators and marketers go to turn PDF files into high ROI webpages with dynamic call-to-action content.

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What you have wished possible for PDF files, and more.

Share your PDF with a branded short URL of your choice, and let readers access it via Titlegram online reader you can customize to your branding.

Embed a video, email signup form, or any third party web component alongside your PDF to lead your audience to the next step of the journey.

Easily add CTA (call-to-action) content in the customized PDF reader, and connect with readers beyond a static reading experience.

Easily monitor number of views and downloads of you PDF assets – regardless if it is a lead magnet or an ebook you are selling.

How it works

Upload PDF with local file selector

Step 1

Add your PDF from your computer to Titlegram – no special modification needed.

You can also add multiple PDFs at once to save time.

Step 2

We create a webpage that embeds your PDF file.

You can customise the webpage and embed third party media or web elements in it.

No coding needed.

Step 3

Publish the PDF as a webpage, with a branded short link you can configure.

Your audience can now read, engage and share your branded PDF page easily.

Tools for marketers, now available for your PDF assets.

Turn static PDF reading experience into a branded, engaging and measurable one.

Share PDF anywhere as a easy-to-remember short link, completed with your branding.

Tailor PDF webpages with CTA (call-to-action) content to direct readers to the next step of the learning journey.

Let readers experience and interact with your PDF as a professional webpage in their favourite web browser.

Understand the impact of your PDFs with important stats like number of views and downloads.

Time-saving design: Add, configure and customize multiple PDF webpages at one go.

Easily turn on / off the PDF file download, while readers can still access and read it via branded short link.

Maximize ROI for your PDF assets now.

Take control of the PDF reading experience and how they are shared around the internet to generate better ROI for your brand and revenue.

Improve your marketing funnel and create better customer engagement with PDF assets that are branded, interactive and measurable.

Sign up and try now for free. No credit card required.